A used piano can be found in many places, some of which are thrift stores, gumtree, on the internet and in newspapers or throw-away circulars.

There is not a Blue Book for a used piano, as a result, there is no standard pricing. This is very good for you, the consumer. Many times, people will sell their used piano after many years, assuming that it has little value when in fact this is not true. When looking for a used piano, never assume the folks that are selling the piano know what it is actually worth. The area of the country makes a huge difference in its value. The difference in a few hundred miles can make a difference in hundreds of dollars. Second, take for instance a piano that was purchased in 1955 for $495.00.

The seller might think that because the piano is over 50 years old that it is not worth much. They may be inclined to sell it to you for $50.00 or less. This piano could possibly be worth $1000.00 or more. Now, this is not always the case.  When looking at a used piano, first look at the piano as a piece of your furniture. If it passes that test, then go on to the next thing and make sure each key play. Then sit down and play the piano. If you don’t play, take someone with you who does.