Like all musical instruments, a violin is a precious object that a violinist must take care of. There are techniques to extend the life of your instrument by performing simple daily actions and thus keep the violin in its original state as long as possible. You can find all of our violin care products on our website!

Clean up residual rosin

Rosin is a resin that allows the hair of the bow to adhere to the strings of the violin and thus make the strings vibrate. Without this paste, no sound would come out of your violin. However, there is some residue at the end of your practice or performance, and leaving them on your violin is not the best thing for him to do. Take a microfiber cloth and run it over the fingerboard, table and strings of your instrument to remove as much as possible.

Also, watch out for deposits that may have formed on the violin gills: check that they are not blocked!

Surfaces in contact with your skin

Whether it is through your fingers or your face, your instrument is bound to come into contact with your skin. The perspiration emanating from the latter can damage the wood and materials of the violin. This is why it is important to clean these surfaces regularly to avoid premature deterioration. It is, therefore, valid for your bow, the chin rest, the neck, as well as the strings of your violin.

Climate change

It is well known that musical instruments tend to cope with sudden climatic changes, whether by temperature or humidity, whether it is too high or too low. Therefore, it is important to keep your violin well away from all these variations and store it in its Violin Case.

All this little daily attention will ensure that your violin will last longer over time and that it will retain its beautiful tones!