It’s Summer NAMM Show time in Nashville this week. This is the 2nd largest Trade show for the release of new Musical Instruments in The USA. Hammond USA have announced the release of a new  model – The Hammond  XK1c, which will be available in the USA in September 2013. The XK1c will supersede the very successful XK1. The specs show an SK1 like instrument with no additional sounds. In other words Just organ sounds.
Australian availability will almost certainly be late in 2013, if it is released at all. This is due to the C.E Mark which is required before an item can be imported into and sold in Australia. USA distribution doesn’t always guarantee that a product will be sold in Australia. If the European distributors of Hammond and Leslie don’t take up the instrument then the item will never be submitted for CE Mark certification. This means a product may never be legally sold in Australia (This has, so far, been the fate of the Leslie Pedal released at the Winter NAMM Show in California in January 2013). So, we will have to wait and see what happens.
It seems to me that a product as saleable as the XK1c would be well received in Europe and Australia. But this would depend also on the pricing. We would hope the pricing would be similar or lower than  that of the now superseded, XK1.
This is how The US Hammond website announced the release-
“Introducing the smallest and lightest Genuine Hammond Organ. There was a time when the roaring sound of a genuine Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie Speaker required a moving van with burly movers, and room enough on stage to stand 4 regular musicians. Those days are truly now behind.
The new Hammond XK1c, to be unveiled at the upcoming Summer NAMM show in Nashville (July 11-13), provides the full majesty and versatility of the industry standard B-3 in a compact package weighing just 16 pounds (7.25 kg).
Following the lead of the wildly popular SK series of ultralight keyboards, the XK-1c uses the same Virtual Tonewheel “engine” as Hammond’s flagship B3-mkII Console Organ, with all the traditional elements, such as Hammond’s original Chorus/Vibrato and Touch-Response Percussion. The latest digital Leslie™ is also onboard, completing the classic setup, which is one of the most desired pieces of gear for any keyboard player in any genre of music.
The XK-1c features extensive customization capabilities, allowing the Organ to be tailored into replicating any Hammond/Leslie vintage, with all settings stored in each patch. Most common aftermarket “Hot Rod” modifications are possible within the editing facilities, as well. A wide variety of different Hammond tones are contained in the factory patch library. There are 64 Factory patches and 64 User-programmable patches available.
In addition to the Drawbar Profiles, the sounds of two of the most popular transistor combo organs are included, along with 28 equivalent ranks of Classical Pipe Organ sounds. The Combo Organ and Pipe Organ voices may be fully registered in traditional fashion via the Drawbar controls.
Hammond USA Director of Sales and Marketing Gregg Gronowski says: “The XK-1c’s diminutive size is shocking when compared to its massive tone, but one touch of the traditional waterfall keyboard tells the truth that the XK-1c is the real deal, not a clone or imitation, but a genuine Hammond Organ, worthy of the name and the legacy of nearly 80 years.”
Available in USA September 2013″