MAKING SCALES FUN-DAMENTAL: a workshop on scales & arpeggios

With Abe Cytrynowski

Join us for a workshop with music educator and author, Abe Cytrynowski, who will inspire you to make scales fun and fundamental. Re-discover the importance of scales in building a strong musical foundation for your students. Learn about relevant practice techniques and tips for reinforcing and strengthening scales and for making them fast and accurate.

Abe Cytrynowski has been involved in music education since his early days, as Music Director at various secondary schools. Since that time, Abe has been teaching piano privately, writing for music journals, examining piano and creating educational resources for piano teachers and students. He has held positions including Board member of ANZCA Ltd and was the co-author of How To Blitz General Knowledge with Samantha Coates. Abe specialises in the area of piano technique and his Scalecard System is an outstanding resource for piano teachers.



10.00 am - 1.00 pm Friday 25 August at

Carlingford Music (02 9873 2333)

320 Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford NSW