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The sun glides over the white-blue rock, the glaring back-light on the snowflakes whisked up by the wind, mirror-images in waterfalls and ice-fields, glaciers veined with moraines, further on the dark caves and cliffs, stone chasms that seem infinitely dark, the cool shadow on the north flank of the rocks, damp chilliness, woods at the foot of the valley. An unceasing interplay of light and shade teaches us, mankind, to get a feel of the Alps.
These powerful, almost poetic images spark off the composer's creative process, which much later results in ""Berglicht"". Another important compositional element is the chorale ""Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern"", which enhances the idea of 'light' even more. In this way ""Berglicht"" turned out as a choral fantasy for a large wind orchestra, composed on commission to the Stadtmusik Saltina Brig and its conductor Edo Zurwerra for the Alpenstadt 2008 festival.
At the start of the work, after a short overture, the brass introduces parts of the chorale theme, accompanied by bright chords from the woodwind. This is followed by a quick section with the first variations on the theme, first very rhythmically, then tunefully. Then we hear an idyllic ""Pastorale d'ete"", though the mood gradually becomes darker. The full theme is now introduced for the first time by muted brass, accompanied by sombre chords from the woodwind. Slowly but surely the tension increases, while the theme of the chorale nevertheless unfolds once again in a dramatic but only fragmentary way. Towards the end, calm gradually returns. The light shines once again and the theme rings out one last time, but now with a different timbre and rhythm. The mountain light slowly but surely makes way for a peaceful and joyful atmosphere.
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Manufacturer Beriato Music
Last Updated 2020-11-30 10:34:49
Model Number BMP8095416
Level/Grade Grade 4-5
Medium Score
Publisher Beriato Music
Format Full Score
Composer Oliver Waespi
Composer/Series OLIVER WAESPI
Production Status 2
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