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K&K Accordion Pickup w/Triple Mic&Preamp

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Professional high quality 3 part microphone system with 2 treble mics under grill and 1 bass mic plus electronics control box. Active stereo outputs for melody and bass side. Easy installation by musician- no permanent modifications (such as drilling) required.

The Accordion Microphone System consists of three miniature gooseneck mics (one single and one twin) and a dual-channel preamp.

Two microphones are connected to one 1/4" plug. These twin mics are for the treble side. Another single mic with 1/4" plug is for the bass side of the accordion.

The included dual-channel preamp has been specially designed for use with this system. It has a belt clip so it can be worn on your right hip area. This preamp allows for bass/middle/treble EQ for the treble and bass side individually as well as separate volume and gain controls.

The mics attach with the self-adhesive "dual-lock" fastening system mounted to the base of their goosenecks. This duallock is like industrial-strength "Velcro " and will never wear out from repeated opening and closing.

Installing the Accordion Microphone System
The two treble mics are positioned on the upper and lower end of the treble grill. Both mics are technically identical but they have different cable length. Position the mic with the longer cable in the upper position (by the lower tone keys) and the one with the shorter cable in the lower position (higher tone keys). You may have to experiment to find the best locations. We recommend aiming the mics towards the grill with about 2" distance between Hic Head and grill. Mount them in a way that the mic heads end up being about 10 to 12 inches apart.

The bass mic is positioned on the lower edge of the bass side also pointing towards the grill with about 3" distance. Make sure that it is not in the way of your hand.
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