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nX Amplifiers with Programmable Outputs

Steady. Efficient. Powerful. nX.

Ashly?s new line of nX Power Amplifiers feature lightweightenergy-efficient Class-D switching amplifier technology combined with a switch mode power supply.

Available in three product familiesnX is designed to meet the most demanding live sound and fixed installation sound systems in stadiumsarenasperformance venuesworship spaces and convention centres.

nXp Series: These amplifiers add 32-bit SHARC DSP processing (with 48kHz & 96kHz sampling) as standard equipment for comprehensive audio processingwith built-in signal generator for test toneand noise-masking. Plus precision load impedance monitoring on each amplifier channel output. All controlled using our proprietary Protea? Software Suite.

When you choose Ashly nXyou choose a hand-builtUS-made product backed by our team of engineers and an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Available formats:

nXp4002: Network Power Amplifier 2x 400W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP
nXp4004: Network Power Amplifier 4 x 400W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP
nXp8002: Network Power Amplifier 2x 800W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP
nXp8004: Network Power Amplifier 4 x 800W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP
nXp1.52: Network Power Amplifier 2x 1 500W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP
nXp1.54: Network Power Amplifier 4 x 1 500W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP
nXp3.02: Network Power Amplifier 2x 3 000W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP
nXp3.04: Network Power Amplifier 4 x 3 000W @ 2 Ohms with Protea DSP


2 and 4-channel high-outputlightweight amplifiers with programmable output on each channel (Hi-Z or Lo-Zselected via rear panel DIP switches)
Power-savingEnergy Management System ? (Ashly EMS) automatic <1W sleep-mode (defeatable)
Front panel power switch and level controls (can be disabled for security)
Front panel LEDs for temperaturecurrentsignalclipmutebridge modeprotectsleepand disable (of front panel controls)
Neutrik? Combo XLR ? 1/4? TRS jack plus Euroblock input connectors
Neutrik? speakON? twist locking loudspeaker connectors for securitysafetyand reliability
Rear panel DIP switches per channel for selection of high pass filterlimiterinput gainand High-Z or Low-Z speaker output configuration
Remote DC level control on each input channel
Neutrik? powerCON? detachable AC mains connector
Switch mode power supply automatically detects 120V or 240V AC operation
Extensive protection circuitrycontinuously variable cooling fans
Multiple independent internal power supplies provide increased channel separation and reliability
Ethernet port for use with control and monitoring of amplifier functionswith front panel COM activity LED
Serial data port for use with Ashly remote control devicesor optional RS-232 converter for third party controllers (INA-1)
Use Protea? Software to remotely disable all front panel controlsincluding the on/off switchfor a tamper-proof installation
Real Time Clock with Event Scheduler
Instant Standby Mode30% reduction in power consumption with on/off triggered by contact closuresoftware controlor event scheduler
Programmable power-on delay
Preset recall via contact closuresoftware controlremote controlor event scheduler
Aux preamp outputsand fault condition logic outputs
Optional Cobranet? or Dante?* network audio and AES3 digital audio input with pass-through
Dynamicsgainequalization2x4 or 4x4 matrix mixercrossoverdelaymeteringand signal generator functions for test and noise masking applications
Precision swept load impedance monitoring of each amplifier channel for quick and easy diagnosis of sound system problems remotely via Ethernet


Voltage Gain: Selectable at 26dB32dB38dBor 1.4V
Damping Factor: >250 (8 Ohms load <1kHz)
Input High Pass Filter: 80Hz 2nd order
Distortion (SMPTEtypical): <0.5%
Distortion (THD-Ntypical): <0.5% (8 Ohms10dB below rated power20Hz?20kHz)
Channel Separation: -75dB (dB from full output1kHz)
Signal to Noise (20Hz?20kHzunweighted): >114dB (all 3.0x models)
>111dB (all 1.5x models)
>108dB (all 800x models)
>105dB (all 400x models)
Frequency Response: 20Hz?20kHz+/-0.05dB
Balanced Input Connector : Euroblock 3.5mm1/4? TRS and XLR Combo jack
Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
Maximum Input Level: +21dBu
Speaker Output Connector: Neutrik? speakON?
Remote DC Level Control: Euroblock 3.5mm - GndCVV+ per input
Attenuators (per channel): Front panel and remote. Fully off = Mute
Amplifier Protection: Inrush current limitationtemperature monitoringoutput over-power protectionmains fuses
Airflow: In through sidesOut through front
Cooling: Continuously variable temperature controlled axial fan(s)
Environmental: 32?113 deg F(0?45 degC) (noncondensing)
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