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Cumulus - Tri-Corner Bass Trap
The Cumulus is a high-performance tri-corner bass trap that is designed to seamlessly integrate into most rooms without interfering with the natural room d?cor.

Given the choice acousticians will always employ corners for acoustic sound control. This is primarily due to the way sound propagates inside a room whereby the walls and ceiling act as waveguides that drive sound to the corners where it gathers. The Cumulus nestles high up into the tri-corner where the walls and ceiling intersect for maximum efficiency.

Made from high-density 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m?) glass wool the Cumulus delivers exceptional sound absorption is safe to handle and has been tested to meet stringent Class-A/1 fire requirements for use anywhere. Front and back surfaces are bonded to micromesh and the edges are resin hardened to fully encapsulate the minute fibers. The panel is then wrapped in an acoustically transparent fabric to ensure maximum sound absorption. A unique spring tensioned clamping system securely holds the panel in place while making installation quick easy and invisible.

At first view the Cumulus appears to be quite large. But once the 24? (60cm) panel snaps into position it only extends down 17? talking up very little wall space. This creates a 17? deep air cavity behind the front facing panel that delivers broadband absorption down to 100Hz for control over model distortion in the problematic low-mid region. This makes the Cumulus the perfect acoustic starting point for home theaters and post production suites that have limited wall space and suffer from over-saturation of lower mid-range frequencies (boomy). For professional studios the Cumulus helps eliminate standing waves and for voice-over booths it provides an effective solution for the usual ?chest-hump? that plagues most vocal booths in the 200Hz to 300Hz region.

The Cumulus tri-corner trap is a highly effective broadband absorber that comes in a choice of three architecturally neutral colors to match most room d?cors. The Cumulus comes complete with all of the installation hardware saving valuable time.
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SKU 930101003784
Manufacturer Primacoustic
Last Updated 2021-11-28 01:16:00
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