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Secrets of the Pros - 2 months (Subscription)

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If you want to subscribe for one low price and watch all our our Recording & Mixing training our subscription program is for you.
You can watch via any mobile device, tablet, or computer where you have an internet connection. This highly endorsed series will teach you how to get excellent results in your studio.

Pro Recording and Mixing Series
This is for beginner to pro levels, and applies to all digital and analogue systems, and all software.
In this training series you will learn how to set up your studio properly (which is critical and often done incorrectly), basic signal flow, pro recording tips, expert mixing tricks, how to get the most from EQ, compression, delay, reverb, MIDI, and much more.

Pro Recording and Mixing Advanced Series
For beginner to pro, all styles of music, and analogue or digital gear this series will help you get up to speed quickly.
We went to the studio where groups like Metallica, Dave Matthews, and dozens of others recorded hit records. This is like getting a $100k recording school that you can watch when you want, at the pace you want, and you can review it as much as you’d like!
This training applies to all styles of music, and to all recording and mixing systems (digital, DAWs, or analogue).

Pro ToolsSeries
Your Pro Tools trainer, Ken Walden, is one of the best you will find, and has taught thousands of people how to quickly get up and running with Pro Tools. Ken was a Senior Product Specialist for the company that makes Pro Tools, and he is also the Founder of Secrets of the Pros, which is currently endorsed by 4 Multi-Grammy Award winners and many others (including all the current Senior Pro Tools Product Specialists).

If you’re looking for high-quality Pro Tools training you’ve found it!

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